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SEO Rankings More than Keywords

While keywords are definately important when it comes to making your website as attractive as possible to search engines, there is so much more involved to getting to the top and staying there.

One article on SEO News suggests some additional steps that include:

  • Submitting sitemaps, or complete “roadmaps” of a website, directly to search engines so they don’t have to work as hard to ‘discover’ your site.
  • Accumulating reputable backlinks, or links to your website from others, that search engines recognize as marks of distinction and, therefore, worthy of higher search result placement.
  • Fresh and interesting content that brings in traffic and makes your site increasingly prominent in use, thereby aiding in its search result placement.

If you don’t understand these techniques, or aren’t sure where to start to implement these items, it is a good idea to contract a SEO specialist that understands online marketing strategies and development. If your SEO activities don’t keep you on the first three pages of a search, SEO News states that, “…it is akin to being completely out of sight and, subsequently, out of mind.”

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