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Use Social Media Marketing (SMM) To Benefit SEO

Where keyword relevancy used to be king when it came to SEO, in today’s world search engines like Google now include a social search element in figuring useful and relevant links. Now Links that are shared by people you know add more weight than simple keyword ranking.

This means you can quickly go from the fifth page in the search engine results to the first page, just because someone in your Google+ circles shared your link. If you understand how these connections works, you can really increase your SEO results.

Here are just a few suggestions from an article on Social Media Marketing Strategies That Benefit Your SEO from SEO News:

  • Get a Google+ Presence Immediately – Google+ has become too important for search engine optimization to ignore. Even G+ posts, related pages and users are displaying in normal search results. When you jump a few places in the search engine rankings because someone put you in a circle, you will realize the benefit.
  • Start Posting Your Articles on Social Media Straight Away – Posting your new article links to the major social networking sites now helps your blog to get indexed faster. The last blog I made for a client was indexed within a week.
  • Get a Pinterest Account – Pinterest is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with and gives higher search engine results than Twitter, apparently. For this to work, you need to optimize each picture with a keyword.

It is important for your online marketing efforts that you have not only a SEO strategy, but a SMM or Social Media Marketing strategy as well. SMM will definately benefit your SEO efforts!

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