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Basic SEO Tips

Google quality engineer Matt Cutts explained in a recent video how Google indexes pages and delivers results when someone does a search. The main point made during this video is that Google asks (digitally) more than 200 questions of each page to determine SEO results. The page ranking and search results depend on the answers to those questions, and Google’s determination of what is most relevant.

While you can’t plan for all of the 200 questions, there are some basics that you can cover. In the article Search Engine Optimization: Getting Back to Basics, the following questions are noted as some of the most important to keep in mind:

Google asks the following six questions:

• Do the search words appear in the title?
• Do the search words appear in the URL (website address)?
• Does the page include similar keywords and key phrases related to the topic?
• Is the page on a quality website or a spammy website?
• What is the page’s “Page Rank”?
• How many pages link to this page?

The answers to these questions, and ninety-four others, are analysed and then each page is provided with a score compared to other sites that Google feels the visitor is looking for during a search for key words.

The article also provided four basic principles to follow if you want to get a higher ranking or keep a high ranking for chosen keywords. These principles include:

1. Include keywords in each page’s title, headings, description and meta keywords as well as in alt tags of your images.
2. Provide quality, original content on the website.
3. Update your website regularly with fresh information.
4. Get as many links as possible from relevant websites back to yours.

The more you follow these principles, the better off your SEO results will be. Figure out what items you are comfortable doing, and consider working with a SEO company to help design a plan of attack that allows you to participate in the process.

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