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SEO and Content Copywriting

One of the most important things to remember when you are creating content for your sebsite with the goal of raising your SEO ranking is that techniques and best practices are always changing and evolving.

You need to either keep up with today’s technology and keyword algorithims, or hire some one to keep you current.

The ariticle, 14 SEO truths I’ve learned in 14 years suggests that the only thing you can really control is your own website. The author states that, “You can’t control what Google does, what your competition launches, or whether Facebook will be around ten years from now. Spend time on your site and treat it like the asset is is.”

When it comes to SEO and content copywriting, this article offers several tips on creating content, working with SEO experts, and staying current. Here are just a few of the suggestions:

  • There is no excuse for bad content. Quality content always pays for itself. Cheap, poorly-written content will bite you in the butt later (either in terms of bad rankings, bad conversions or both.) Know the difference and give your site (and your prospects) the best content that you can produce.
  • The companies that see the most SEO success dedicate a certain percentage of their day/workweek/staff to SEO tasks and faithfully complete them. That may mean 30 minutes a day or three hours. Once an SEO strategy is set, consistency is key.
  • Don’t insist on a certain outcome (like writing 500 product pages in six days) just because you want to hit an arbitrary timeline. Some things take more time. Some tasks move more quickly. Talk to team members/consultants before setting deadlines.
  • It’s important to measure success. It’s also important to have realistic expectations. Insisting on a result that’s not possible does nothing but set your campaign up to fail.

The take away from this expert’s advice is that you need to write really good and informative content with an eye on the keywords. Having content on your site just to try and “work” the SEO system, won’t help in the long run. The other important tip is that “once is not enough.” Neither is “hit-and-miss.” You have to provide new SEO content today, next week, and for as long as you have something to promote.


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