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Website Tip To Increase SEO Ranking

So many things go into your page ranking. Not all the emphasis should be on keywords, so you need to consider other elements to increase your SEO ranking.

More and more people today are doing their searches from their mobile phones. This makes the time it takes for websites to load…very important.

The article, Key Components of SEO Website Design, notes that, “Most people will not wait forever for a website to load.” More importantly, the article explains that when search engines are indexing and ranking websites, they use the time to load as part of the equation to compute your position.

You need to make sure that your webmaster optimizes coding so that pages load as quickly as possible. You don’t want bells and whistles on your website to slow things down, so keep it clean and uncluttered. It is also a good idea to ensure any images on the site are compressed, and that the file size is reduced. This will help decrease load time.

You don’t want all your carefully designed content and implemented SEO practices to be cancelled out with a slow website. Speed up your page loading, and this simple fix will help you achieve higher search engine rankings.

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