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The Myth(s) of Social Network Friends and Your Business

Here’s an interesting article on Debunking Three Social Marketing Myths. There were several salient points and a bit of a new twist on a few things. Items to take away from the article were:

#1 Have a clear goal. You don’t do social marketing just to participate. What is YOUR goal. Do you want more customers to come buy your latest widget? Or go look at your website, or help promote your new book? Make sure you know what you want out of the experience.

#2 Using social networking for business marketing is different than making friends. Friends = Whim, Business = Precise and Determined.

#3 The first myth is that you should update constantly. But too much is almost as bad as not enough as you could, “drown out your own posts.” You don’t want to post stuff that is white noise –  it needs to be relevant, entertaining, motivating.

#4 Second Myth – Amassing followers is like gathering mindless twits. “Like” does not equal success. You want doers, not button pushers.

5# Third Myth – Each add is a drop in the bucket, which will often be ignored. You need a campaign, not an add. Bigger picture, not white noise. Umm, it circles back. To goals and planning, and getting your “followers” involved and motivated to do more than “like” you.


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