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Get your audience’s attention

People decide fast

Most people decide within seconds if a website is useful to them, today’s on-line consumers make decisions fast! They are much more knowledgeable than they used to be. They are also have less time than ever. Use these tips to see which content on your site turns visitors into customers.

Individualise your website

Website personalisation is incredibly important in giving your audience something to identify with, providing psychological fulfilment that they are buying into a certain lifestyle. Many companies use professional web design companies to personalise their websites and provide personalised search engine optimisation.

Stand out from the crowd

Research has also shown that adding a value proposition will ensure that your audience decides to stay on your website. If you do something unexpected your users will remember it. If your website is one that sells a product or service think of some aspect of your offering that stands out from the cpompetition

Communicate effectively with your audience and ensure that your headlines make a statement to encourage the user to read on. Organise relevant information right where people can see it. A good test is whether your page could be understood by just reading the headlines alone, without the main text.

Google Analytics will tell you what people like

Visit the “All Pages” report in the ‘Content’ section of your Google Analytics account to find out what content resonates most with your customers. You’ll see where people spend the most time and which pages have a high exit rate which you can then change.

Improve improve

Improve the performance pages that are important by using “Content Experiments”. Try out two slightly different versions of a page to see which one drives more sales or leads. When you find a winner, make another version and test that. Keep going until you stop finding improvements.

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