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Marketing to Mobile Users

Understanding how to market your business or product to mobile users is an important aspect of succeeding in today’s world. You need to learn how to effectively incorporate aspects such as mobile optimized websites, mobile apps, mobile search, mobile ads, MMS, SMS, QR Codes, and social media. Keep in mind that all aspects of mobile marketing work better and have a larger ROI if you pursue a specific business purpose rather than just using mobile for mobile’s sake.

Some examples of specific purpose and their measurable ROI are noted in the article “16 case studies prove ROI of mobile marketing“. Here are three example taken from the article:

  1. The first example uses SMS (short message service) or text messaging to increase store traffic and drive sales. DUNKIN DONUTS used an SMS campaign that featured mobile coupons. It increased store traffic +21%.
  2. A home health care agency, CARITAS HOME CARE in Boston, used mobile health devices to enhance communications and data collection with its 150 mobile clinicians. Tracking and documentation of usage allowed Caritas to determine that the mobile devices were able to save 19,200 hours or 98 hours per clinicians per year. This lead to an estimated savings of $960,000 in just one year of usage and a ROI of approximately 64-to-1.
  3. The advantage of developing a mobile specific website was noted by VEGAS.COM. This company crunched available data on their traditional website and noticed mobile visitors to the traditional booking and entertainment site didn’t stay long. So created mobile versions of their Homepage, the Category pages, and the Hotel room search tool. The mobile version was designed with special functionality that was targeted to improve the mobile customer experience. Once the mobile site, pages, and search tool where running their statistics show that they had a 22% lower bounce rate, 16% more page views, and a 4% higher conversion rate.

Think about what your company is doing or not doing for its mobile users. Look at all available data and statistics and get a mobile marketing expert to help you target areas of your business that would benefit from mobile specific marketing options.

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