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Mobile Marketing Planning for 2013 and Beyond

Your company’s mobile marketing plan should be given strategic priority and address not just today, but a period of several years in the future. It is important to look at the broad picture of what you are trying to accomplish, and make plans for not only the mobile phone market, but also the tablet market, as well as upcoming technologies.

According to this article, the top trends for 2013 can be categorized into two major groups. Those groups include options for treating your mobile marketing as a strategic priority with a multi-year plan, and recognizing that fast moving business and technology changes means that you must make a larger mobile investment to keep up. One of 2013’s mobile marketing trends is to consider not only the phone but the tablet.

In the coming years the technology and business changes will require more companies to create formal processes and organizations to handle not only their mobile marketing campaigns, but the data generated from these programs. Hitting the right blend of consultants to help you keep up with the changing times, and staff to support those consultants and analyze all the great data derived from your campaigns will be key.

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