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2013 Mobile Marketing Trends – Second Screen

There is a recent mobile marketing term that will greatly influence your campaigns going forward. This term is “second screen” and is defined as using a companion device or app while you are watching TV, gaming, or using your computer. This means that customers are using a mobile phone, a tablet, or a computer with an app that they can use to make purchases, post on social media, research products, or get more information about what they see on their “primary” source of entertainment.

This is important to understand for a variety of reasons:

1. TV is becoming more interactive. Through applications such as Twitter and Facebook viewers can respond to what they see and share their comments in real time. This can allow users to inspire plot changes, utilize the information in live shows, and will effectively change the face of TV ads. Your company will need to incorporate this advertising trend to drive consumers to websites and social media, creating a more personal and interactive experience to engage your customers.

2. Second Screen Shopping is a growing trend. Surveys show that over 79% of respondents will visit Facebook while watching TV. Many more use Twitter to comment on what they see. Trends indicate that consumers have continually shortening attention spans and want instant gratification. Marketers are creating mobile advertising that effectively turns any TV program or game into an infomercial, and infomercials into short “movies.” This brings consumers from the TV shows or entertainment ads right to a second screen app that allows them to make an immediate purchase.

Mobile commerce is expected to reach 31 billion by the year 2016.

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