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2013 Mobile Marketing Trends – Social Commerce

If you are in business, then you must understand how social commerce can make or break your future. There is no doubt that the social aspect of sites such as Facebook and Twitter will influence sales or patronage and that this aspect of mobile marketing will only continue to grow. Already 70% of consumers have listened to music just because their friends posted a recommendation on a social networking site. Good reviews can make a restaurant, while bad comments can drive them out of business. Social referrals during the past holiday season increased purchases of products that were trending low. Ignoring this aspect of social media is a definite mistake.

One of the key drivers in today’s buying decisions comes in the form of ratings, reviews, and personal comments. These recommendations or warnings must be watched, acknowledged, and dealt with on the same media. If you have a bad review or comment it needs to be dealt with openly, with a short apology and reference to how the situation was dealt with. Then you need to work on inviting satisfied customers to post good comments or reviews. Here is a social media tips article that offers suggestions on how to deal with negative feedback.

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