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Responsive Websites and SEO – Increase Local Rankings

There are three basic types of website design today – those that are designed to be used by PCs, separate websites for mobile use, and responsive websites. A responsive website responds accordingly to any device that accesses it.

Responsive Web design is here to stay, and as devices continue to develop and multiply, it is definitely the wave of the future. Responsive web design is still evolving, and it always will. Websites will no longer target specific devices, but will adapt to a variety of access methods. The SEO benefits to a responsive design include increased local rankings.

Responsive website design can increase your local rankings if you target local keywords for business. Most searches for directions to a business are done from a mobile device and are influenced by geographic parameters.

If you have a “main” website and a mobile site, your main website will have to meet local SEO pointers so that Google and other search engines can identify your optimized site as one that’s suitable for quality placement in the search engines. Consider the example of a mobile user who accessed directions via your mobile site, and then hits the back button to get information on a specific product or menu. If this takes them to your main website and it doesn’t display correctly or work on his specific device, he is liable to search for a site that gives him the information he needs. This can adversely affect SEO results as the action will read by the browser as poor user experience. This can affect your placement in the mobile results, even though he got what he initially needed from the mobile site…the directions.

This is one reason why an overall responsive website is better than having a main site, and a mobile site, when it comes to increasing your SEO results.

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