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Understanding Google, Bing, and Yahoo Rankings – Part 3

Loyalty is another reason that you shouldn’t write off Bing and Yahoo. Both companies have extremely loyal users. Consider Bing, originally MSN’s first search engine, it has gone through name and feature changes, and yet still many of the users have kept the search engine as their browser. There are many people who never use Google, and while the percentages may be low, Bing’s market share is on the rise, especially when you consider the current and future impact of Windows 8. Why is this important?

It is important because Bing is the default search engine for Windows 8. The Bing and Windows development teams worked together to create a search utility that can search not only the web, but your PC, your locations in the cloud, and give you the results by not only files, but including shortcuts. For more information on this product see the article: Bing to be integrated into Windows 8.1 for web and local searches. If someone buys a tablet or laptop with Windows 8, Bing is the search engine they will get. It is basically integrated into Windows 8 and many of the computers bells and whistles will rely on Bing. So the numbers of additional converts from Google will continue to grow. One last point, Bing is the standard search engine on Internet Explorer, making it the default search engine for over 38% of all users.

Ignoring your ranking on Bing, and even Yahoo just isn’t a sound marketing strategy if you are interested in the future growth of your company.

Another point to consider, on Google you are fighting the masses for higher rankings. The competition is less stiff on Bing and Yahoo, so you have a better chance of getting to the top with these companies. Besides rankings, you can also expect more click-throughs for your advertising dollars, especially for certain audiences. For instance, 58 % of Bing’s users are women, on Google only 45% are women.

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