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Understanding Google, Bing, and Yahoo Rankings – Part 4

So now that you know why you shouldn’t put all of your marketing eggs in Google’s basket, here are some additional things to consider.

The most important aspect of SEO, is quality, new content that is regularly updated, and link building. If you concentrate on these aspects, then Google, Bing, and Yahoo will react favourably to your strategy.

Yes, all three companies rank keywords in a different manner. And because Google is the leader today, you need to carefully plan your campaigns around them, and figure out how to include Yahoo and Bing in those campaigns.

You also need to know the demographics of who you want to view your website, your ads, and that fresh, often updated content. Figure out if your customers are the ones using an alternate search engine. Who is buying and using Windows 8 and are those some of your customers? And remember that what is true today, may not be true tomorrow. So you will need to keep your eye on the statistics for all three companies and maybe some additional ones as well. For instance, if you have customers in China, chances are they are using Baidu, or newcomer Qihoo 360. For more information on China’s search engines, see the article: Chinese search engine wars heat up.

The important thing to remember is, there is more to SEO than Google!

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