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Connect, Comment, Entertain, and Socialize In Order to Increase Your Web Traffic

The more you connect, share links, become a member, and comment on other blogs and websites, the more traffic you will get on your site. That is if you follow a few simple tips.

1. Search out blogs that have some meaning to you or your business. It makes it easier to make detailed, insightful comments if you know what you are talking about or have a passion for the subject. If you are respectful and interesting, people will want to see more from you, and may check out your website or blog to find out more about you and your business.

2. Give Free Advice on message boards and in other venues. There are millions of message boards on the Internet, find one dealing with something you know and give good advice, or answer questions on your products and services. If you share your knowledge and it helps someone, it will probably help even more who just read the boards and don’t ask. This helpfulness can drive traffic to your website.

3. Create a video on your products, on servicing your products, on your service, on just about anything. Google now posts videos as part of its search results and multimedia posts are very popular. Learn how to use YouTube to your benefit and it will help increase sales and traffic to your website. For more information on Why YouTube for business, see here.

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