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Mobile Users Demand A Mobile-friendly Site To Become Customers.

Whilst it seems like common sense that mobile users want to browse websites designed for them, a study from Google highlights just how big of an impact a proper mobile-friendly site can have on mobile users and online businesses.
In July 2012, a study from Google conducted by Sterling Research and SmithGeiger surveyed 1,088 US Smartphone users, the study aimed to explore the web browsing experiences of those users.
Interestingly, 61% of individuals said that they would try other websites if they were unable to find what they were looking for right away. Another 67% of people went further and said that they were more likely to pay from mobile-friendly sites.
Not only are people likely to leave within the first few seconds of visiting a non-mobile-friendly site, but those sites are also losing potential sales and customers.

Missed Opportunity

Of those surveyed, 75% prefer a mobile-friendly experience even though a whopping 96% said that they’ve visited sites that were “clearly not” designed for mobile users – that’s a hefty percentage of mobile users demanding something that isn’t being offered.

Those with mobile-friendly sites are taking the lead.

With such a high demand from the mobile-user community, and so few sites delivering on that need, any site that does not provide a mobile-friendly site is essentially passing up on potential customers. All of which will eventually find their way to mobile-friendly sites that they are far more likely to buy from.
In fact, 50% of those surveyed said they would still look elsewhere even if they liked the business, so a brand name or being popular is not enough for mobile users to become customers.
Those providing the experience that mobile users demand, are simply making use of a great opportunity, which gives them an advantage over those without mobile-friendly sites.

Mobile-users avoid non-mobile sites.

Of course this is simply reiterating what has already been stated, but a poor impression can do more harm than a few lost sales, mobile users are likely to avoid your site in future searches for products and services you may be offering. A bad experience can make them feel that, you do not care about their custom or want to deliver an enjoyable browsing experience.
Of those surveyed, 48% said they felt frustrated when they visited not mobile-friendly sites – making them feel like the company did not care about their business. Another 36% felt that they were wasting time on such sites and a sizeable 52% even went as far as stating that they were less likely to engage with the company.

Those company’s providing for mobile users with mobile friendly sites, are not only taking up the opportunity of turning those users into customers and potential sales, they are giving themselves an advantage over competitors and even improving their reputation among the mobile community, as they find and make use of that company’s services.
Providing for mobile users used to be a small benefit to online businesses, but this study adds more proof to what we already suspected; mobile users do not just want a good browsing experience, they demand it and they will happily search for companies that show they care for their business.


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