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The Importance Of Good Mobile SEO

As mobile usage has soared, so too has the expectations of those users to be able to browse the web and view websites designed for mobiles, this has increased traffic to sites with a proper mobile SEO focus which potentially increases revenue for those sites.

Basic Mobile SEO

Some have viewed Mobile SEO and typical SEO as distinct branches, whilst there are differences between the two they share the same goal, providing a method to rank websites according to their niche or content.

Whilst traditional SEO techniques still apply, such as; keywords, tags, anchor links and good content are still vital for high ranking SEO, mobile SEO puts a much greater emphasis on properly designed websites that are faster to load and are better optimized for mobile-users, as mobiles have limited bandwidth in comparison to desktop and laptop browsing.
It is all too easy for sites to ignore mobile SEO and treat it as unimportant, but as the market for mobile phones has exploded and tablet usage has grown, mobile browsing has become commonplace and mobile SEO has a larger affect on website ranking and traffic than ever before.

Mobile SEO Keywords

If you are designing a separate site for mobile users, it is important to either understand mobile SEO yourself or hire a web designer that does, as it is all too easy to fall in the pit-trap of re-using the same SEO for both websites.

When people use their smartphone or tablet to browse a site, they make use of different actions than they would in a non-mobile environment, mobile-users try to use shorter keyword searched – dubbed “rush search” by experts. This is partially due to the smaller screen space on touch-pad devices or the slower typing speed than you would expect on a keyboard and as with most things in our modern world, time is of the essence.

This is just one reason that different keywords are something to focus on, as using the more long-winded keywords usually used for traditional SEO can hamper the ranking of your sites in the algorithms used for mobile SEO.

It is important to avoid losing focus with the variety of mobile SEO tools widely available on the web, and to try and first take a moment to view your site in a way that a mobile-user would expect to use it. This gives you time to consider the ways people might try to form shorthand keywords that could match your site, or provide you with a greater understanding of your audience and niche’s placement within the mobile market. This can lead you to the keywords that are tailored to your site, rather than trying to force your mobile-friendly site to match highly ranked keywords.

By providing a tailored mobile-friendly website along with a strong web-design team and thorough understand of mobile SEO keywords, you’ll be providing a platform that invites mobile users to your site and business, whilst avoiding issues that can be detrimental to your SEO ranking or even deliver a poor user-experience for these newfound visitors.
It is important to re-iterate the focus on user-experience here, as your mobile website needs a strict, slimmed down keyword selection along with a minimalist approach towards the design and coding of the site, which in turn makes the site as efficient as possible to guarantee a highly preferable user-experience.

Mobile SEO is important for business of all scales

From big to small, every company benefits when they invest in proper mobile SEO. It is a fantastic opportunity to further a company’s online presence, success, or even help with marketing and promotional strategies.

Mobile SEO is here to stay

With web giants like Google and Apple behind the mobile market, Mobile SEO seems like it is here to stay, along with any investments in SEO.

With such a strong foundation holding up the mobile market, mobile SEO is going to become more important as time goes by, at least until the next technological revolution.

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