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Google Updates Webmaster Tools to Include Smartphone Crawl Errors

Recently, Google has made several Ranking changes for sites that are not configured for smartphone users. This basically means that any website that isn’t designed with smartphone users in mind is going to find that their Page Rank will diminish as a result.

Fortunately, Google have just added significantly more crawling information to their Webmaster Tools site so that you are better able to determine how your site performs when loaded on smartphones.

With the updated information, you will be able to see more clearly if your site is misconfigured for smartphone users. For example, a desktop PC user may click on a Google link and be sent to one of your web pages, just as you desire. A smartphone user clicking on the same Google link might be led to an error page. This diminishes the user experience, Google won’t like it, and they will penalize your site as a result.

With the new Webmaster Tools feature, you will be able to locate server errors, “not found” errors, soft 404s, blocked URLs, and faulty redirects, so that you can fix these issues and ensure that your site is optimized across all platforms.

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