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Use this Google Checklist to Optimize Your Mobile Site

When you have a mobile website, it can be difficult to know exactly how you can please Google in order to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward to improve your Mobile ranking. Fortunately, Google has just compiled a check-list of things we can all do to improve our mobile websites.

Broken down into three steps, Google wants us to stop frustrating our customers, to facilitate task completion, and to convert customers into fans. But what does it all mean?

Stop frustrating customers. Google wants us to ensure that we adopt the right functionality for mobile devices – this means no Adobe Flash if an Android mobile can’t support the software. We should be optimizing our images and videos for mobile and checking our site speed times. And we should remove overlays such as Javascript pop-ups that are difficult to close on a mobile platform.

Facilitate task completion. Google wants us to optimize crawling, indexing, and search experience on all mobile sites. We should also create an improved mobile user workflow by having a better understanding of our users’ intent.

Convert customers into fans. In short, Google wants us to consider the way that we can create specific value for mobile users. This could include leveraging smartphone GPS tools, encouraging social behaviour, and using the interactive shaking or swiping functionality of mobile devices.

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