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Don’t overthink SEO

There are endless pages of tips and tricks about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and it is easy for the main purpose to get lost in the waffle, when actually it’s mostly as easy as 123 to get the basics right.

  1. Make it easy for a software programme, search engines, to look at your page and understand what the page is about
  2. Persuade the search engines that your page is the best source of information for people searching for the information contained in your page.
  3. Measure your progress and adjust the content to find improvements with the page regularly.

Make the page easy to understand

For point 1 this means deciding what single subject your page is about, and focus on that alone. It’s a losing strategy to optimise for lots of subjects or keyword phrase, so pick one for your page and stick with. Make sure that your page title, the first heading on the page and the content all contain the exact keyword at least once. In the case of the content, its ok to also add the keyword phrase in modified ways. So if the Keyword phrase is “Tiaras for Bulldogs”, then your page should look something like this

If you are more technical, or your website lets you do it, then also add a meta description, meta keywords and url that contain the keyword phrase.

Persuade the search engines

Now that the search engine understands what your page is about, that levels the playing between you and all the other pages on the internet on this subject. So now you need to stand out from them.

Get people interested in your page. Write posts, pages, tweet, Facebook , Google+, YouTube Videos, LinkedIn posts, email or even snail mail and flyers that get people wanting to look at this page. Getting relevant traffic will always get you more traffic.

Get listed. Add your page to directories, forums, and other sites, related to your subject, and link back to this page. If you sell products, at the very least get listed on Google shopping. It’s not free, but it is as near to free as you will get. Google places and the Bing equivalent are good places to list your business.

Be informative. Don’t just copy and paste other people’s  content, it won’t help. But there is nothing wrong with reading other people’s material, adding something to it and bring your new view to people’s attention.

Measure your progress

Test and measure is an old style marketers mantra, but still true. Make changes and then test them. If you are trying to get ranked for a keyword phrase, then check your ranking and record your results. Even better, buy a weekly report on your keywords (and other vital checks on your website) from us. For as little as £10 a month you can get information about your progress right in your inbox.

Of course there will always be more that you can do, but if you take care of the above, you can work on the extra detail at a later date. As long as you take care of these main points you have made a solid start

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