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The Potential Within Hashtags

If you haven’t already invested the time and effort into developing your social presence, you’re missing out on a wide audience that is easily accessible to short and quick advertising – which, whilst it needs to be indirect, subtle or even simply a small benefit to your target audience. Social media offers huge potential and to make the most of it requires some online presence.

But how do you connect with that potential? Social media sites have soured in use over the last decade and even now the “Hashtag” is something that is almost ubiquitous with social media even though its implementation came only a few short years ago.

Hashtags allow people to discuss and join conversations easily, whether they want to show their support for their team or try to talk directly with a company. Hashtags form the fundamental tag that allows millions of people across the globe to connect and to the benefit of marketers; Hashtags can easily be tracked to create statistics.

For a great example of how easy it is to track Hashtags to create statistics take a look at the #WhosGonnaWin website dedicated to tracking the super bowl tweets in real-time.

Whether you’re interested in just tracking which Hashtags are used more often, or if you want to be able to quickly gauge public opinion, there are of tools available to track Hashtag usage and formuseful statistics to provide a greater understanding of your audience.

Tracking Hashtag usage can go beyond quick summaries of how far they’re reaching, they can be used for research purposes. Take a look at Obama’s “State of the Union Address” speech, his campaign team sent out multiple Hashtags to see which were the most popular or biggest issues people wanted addressed, by tracking the different Hashtags it was easy to see which tags were being used more often, which then decided what issues Obama would focus on during his speech.

Whether you love Hashtags or hate them, understand them or are at a loss, they have become integral to social media and provide an essential common ground across the different platforms, a trait vital for modern marketing and advertising, providing you with the perfect way to create statistics to truly understand your audience and push your business forward.

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