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WordPress How to: Get the most traffic from images

When you add an image to your post, even if you have taken care  of the Caption, Alt tag and Title tag values you may be missing a trick.
When your users click on an image, do your users see the image within a page or just the image?
If the image is within a page, you have opportunities to provide some context for the image within your site by adding some short text and even a description.
This benefits your site in general as well as the current users. Search engines will find these “image attachment pages” as WordPress calls them, and send more visitors to your site
To make more of them follow these easy steps
  1. Edit the post
  2. Click on the image and choose edit
  3. Look for the “Link to” option and choose “Attachment page”
  4. Also add descriptive values to the “Alternative text” box and the “Image Title Attribute boxes, better if different but using the same values will be ok
  5. Lastly add a caption to the image, although this will change the look of your post to users as there will now be visible text below the image.
These steps all help Search engines understand what your post and images are about, and there fore brings more traffic
Once the above steps are done, then you can edit the text on the landing page as well
  1. Go to a preview of your posts
  2. Click “Edit Media”
  3. Now you can change the title and do more with the description, and caption that appears on this “Attachment page”



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