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WordPress: How to add a page to a menu

It  can seem a bit fiddly at first to add a page to a menu in WordPress, but once you have done it a couple of times, you will quickly get the hang of it.

  • Look for the “Appearance” menu on the lefthandside in admin, click it
  • Then look for “Menus” and  click it
  • In our case there were two menus to choose from (see video) so make sure you are working on the right one
  • Once you have selected the right menu, you should be able to see its contents.
  • Just to the left of it, there is a section split into 3 parts.
    • Pages
    • Links
    • Categories
  • We are interested in adding pages, so click that one
  • Now you can see all the pages that are available to add to this menu
    • The most recent ones  are on one tab, you can see everything on the next tab “View All”, and there is a search option on the third.
  • Put a tick in each Page you want to add, and click “add to menu”
  • Now your pages are in the menu, click and drag to organise them

Here is a short video to show you that in action

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