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Is your website ready for mobile?

Google thinks it’s time your website was mobile ready.

Is your website mobile ready?

Mobile Ready?

Google has been sending messages out via Google webmaster to let us all know that they think the time has come to make your website ready for mobile, and now they are putting a date on it. April 21st.

From that date on, if your website is not ready for mobile, then your results in the search engine will be affected. It’s unlikely that desktop searches will be changing, but for most websites, around 20% of their visitors are coming from people using mobiles, and you can be sure that a big proportion of those arrived from a Google search.

The cost of upgrading your site will vary, depending on the existing layout. eCommerce websites will be affected more than brochure websites in most cases and the older your site the more work it will take to get you mobile ready. Older eCommerce sites can expect the costs to be around high hundreds and a new brochure site would be low hundreds, everyone else is somewhere inbetween

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