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The importance of a mobile responsive website

Having a site that is mobile responsive is very important so that your readership can access your content across all of their devices.

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With smartphones becoming an increasingly popular way for people to access websites, you need to make sure that your website is easy to navigate around from these devices in order to get your content to your audience.

Many people access websites via their smartphone on their daily work commutes or on their lunch breaks, not to mention casually surfing from wherever they may be. Data from this year shows that while 90 percent still use a PC/laptop, 80 percent use a smartphone to surf the internet, while tablets are at 47 percent. Making your website mobile responsive   ensures your content is seen the same across every device, giving the user an easier and seamless experience when visiting.

Google now rewards mobile friendly sites, which means you may see a drop in your rankings in mobile searches if your website¬†hasn’t been updated. Want to check how responsive your website is? Google has launched a handy tool, the Mobile-Friendly Test to analyse your site and let you know if it’s mobile responsive or not.

If your website is older it may need updating and eCommWeb can help turn it into a responsive site.

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