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Photo copyright checking module for X-Cart


We’ve written a custom module for X-Cart eCommerce websites so owners can tell if any images on their website have¬†copyright information embedded in them.

This module could be modified to work with other website software.

X-Cart website owners are finding it very useful as it saves time trying to gather the information on each image as it tracks any author or copyright information embedded in each image.

This is a common issue for website owners who have borrowed pictures from various sources but don’t know if the image belongs to someone or if they have the right to use it. This can lead to being sued by the owner of any copyrighted images that have been used on your site.¬†We have known of customers that have had to pay thousands of pounds to copyright owners for images they got from the web.

Google images is not a safe pace to get images from as many times the images that you are grabbing are not even from their original source. Even websites that offer free images can be tricky as different images can have different licensing laws. It is safer to buy images as direct as possible from stock photo sites such as iStockphoto or Getty images.

This is the type of custom module that we can write to help your business. Get in touch to find out more and what we can do to help your website today. Call Gary on 0845 643 4176


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