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Sagepay system upgrade



Sagepay are upgrading their system, there is a deadline of July 1st, after that time everyone who has not upgraded will not be able to use the system

We have updated all our clients websites to use Sagepay 3 so they don’t need to worry about the deadline, but if they want to check for themselves they can call Sagepay, currently the queue always seems to be about 30 people, so alternatively¬†they can login to their MySagePay and look out for a banner on the homepage. If the banner appears, the unsupported protocol version number will be shown along with a link for more information on upgrading. If you don’t see a banner, the upgrade is complete.

Apparently it can take up to 48 hours for the banner to be updated, but we updated the last user more than a week ago, so if you can see the banner call us.

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