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Google algorithm changes can effect your business

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.43.43Once in a while Google shakes things up and changes their algorithms for their search engine. This effects how and where your website appears in Google searches, sometimes knocking you down in the rankings, which can ultimately effect the sales for your business.

With the change announced earlier this year that mobile-friendliness would have a ranking factor for your page, at least Google has warned everyone well ahead of time, which doesn’t often happen. Google have simply stated, “Take out your phone, look up your web site. See if there is a gray mobile friendly label in your description snippet. If it is in the search results, if you see it, that means that Google understands that your site is mobile friendly and if you don’t see it then we don’t see that your site is mobile friendly or your is not mobile friendly.”

However, the warning didn’t stop 1/3 of small UK businesses reporting lost traffic overnight when the update actually happened. Almost half of small business reported they had dropped three places or more in Google’s rankings, with traffic down 50 percent because of the drop.

Mobile optimisation is important not only for search rankings, but to ensure your customers can get the best experience possible on your site across all their devices.

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