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5 simple ways to gain subscribers

keyboard-1245114-1280x768Company mailing lists are constantly changing, with people being added and people leaving regularly. Follow these simple tips to increase your subscribers and keep them coming back.

1) Add a pop up form

Whenever someone new visits your website, implementing a pop up form to enter their e-mail address is an effective way to gain new subscribers.

2) Add a form on your sidebar

If you don’t want visitors to get a pop-up, another option is to add a subscriber form in your sidebar or at the bottom of your page for them to sign up when they wish.

3) Use social media

You can add a signup form to Facebook, or use twitter cards to create a call to action to join your mailing list so you can turn your followers into subscribers.

4) Trade shows and events

If you attend trade shows, craft fairs, conferences etc, these are great places to collect e-mails from people who visit you in person. You can build a rapport with potential customers and follow up with your mailings.

5) Encourage sharing

You’ve already got your existing subscribers who can help you grow your customer base. Include sharing buttons or ‘e-mail to a friend’ in your e-mails to your subscribers to encourage them to share your content within their networks and friends, giving you access to a whole new set of potential customers and subscribers.


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