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Ratings Check soft launch


It is sometimes difficult to get customers to leave reviews as they don’t know where to leave one, or may not know where you are on social media. We have been developing software that will help your business get feedback and reviews from your customers easily.

With the Ratings Check software you just type in the name and contact details, e-mail or mobile number which is quick and easy. You can then choose to send a message to any one added by e-mail or text. This will contain a link that will take them to a page asking to rate your business or product out of five stars. It then gives them the opportunity to leave feedback on the page they are on or on social networking sites Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Linkedin.

Once the customers respond you can use the customer comments on your website or social channels, as well as benefit from the likes across your various social network sites.

We are in the testing phase of the software now, but hope to be able to offer it to our clients for use very soon.

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