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5 Ways to Increase your Christmas eCommerce Conversions

Christmas can be a stressful time of year for retailers, but with a few changes to your business for the holiday season and a little preparation it doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together a list of 5 ways to help increase your Christmas conversions this year to get you on your way.


Delivery is one of the most important factors at Christmas. Consumers want to be sure that whatever they are ordering will actually be there by Christmas day. Ensure your last order date is somewhere prominent, and you could even add a countdown meter to really make sure it’s seen. It’s also important to explain delivery time and cost, and to let customers know if they can deliver to the recipient’s address.

Give free delivery on all orders. Many competitors will be offering this around Christmas, and even though you may have to sacrifice margins, people are more likely to impulse buy and make gift purchases. If you really don’t want to offer free delivery, consider adding it if a customer spends a certain amount of money.

Returns and Exchanges

Make your returns and exchanges policy prominent, and consider extending it for Christmas. Extending your return policy through to January can ease shoppers minds that they will have time and be able to easily send back a gift, making your stock more appealing and netting you more sales.

Special Offers

Highlight any gift wrapping options that are available from checkout wherever possible, but especially on the home page.

Know your customers and their buying habits. Consider adding cross-sell promotions such as 25% off computer software when purchasing a computer, or 25% off DVD players and DVD’s with a purchase of a flat screen TV.

Adding a list with links to your best-selling items on your homepage can help customers make up their mind when buying gifts. Present them with options that your customers already love.

Contact information

Make it easy for customers to contact you. Even though customers are shopping online, they still want to be able to contact someone with any questions about their order or if they make any mistakes. They may also want reassurances their orders will be there by Christmas, so give an e-mail or phone number where they can reach someone to help.

Plan ahead

Instead of waiting for Boxing day, consider starting your post-Christmas sale on, well, Christmas! With the rising trend of purchases on Christmas Day (all that new present money burning a whole in people’s pockets) start your sales early and get a jump on the competition. The shops may be closed but the internet never sleeps.

Make sure you put a strong marketing plan in place for those customers that have already bought from you over Christmas. Target them in the January sales by sending out e-mails with sale information and any discount codes. If you really want to get a jump, send them a voucher code for the January sales with their Christmas orders.


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