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5 Ways to Prepare for the Holiday Ecommerce Rush

holiday rush

Holidays can be a stressful time not only for consumers but businesses as well. There are ways you can prepare yourself and your business to deal with the incoming flood of orders that happen around the holidays Christmas is coming up, but you can use these tips to prepare for any holidays that might be big shopping days for your site.

Shipping & Fulfilment 

It’s important to know shipping cut off dates so that your packages reach your customers by the correct date. If selling to other countries outside of your own, make sure you know the international shipping date cut offs as well and keep them marked somewhere. You want to ensure your packages get to your customers on time. Use this time to make sure your fulfilment is up to scratch, meaning orders go out in a timely manner and to stay on top of orders so they don’t pile up and everything gets sent out at the correct date and time. If you aren’t using it already, our fulfilment software Hubmaster can help you manage your stock across multiple selling channels taking away all the manual work you may have been doing to update your stock before.

Market your products

Social media and e-mail campaigns should be ramped up during holidays to get your products in front of the most people. If you are running any special Holiday promotions or sales make sure you are hammering your social accounts and e-mail listings with the information so your customers can take advantage of your offers. Create ads or banners to use for the specific Holiday you are promoting for.

Great pictures grab peoples attention, so if you don’t normally include them in your social media, dot them through your holiday posts. Use the resources each social network site offers, such as twitter cards on Twitter. If you aren’t reaching enough people then a paid campaign on Facebook or Twitter could reach a wider audience and get your products noticed.

Check site loading times

There is no sense in spending money and time in advertising if customers can’t access your website because it is slow or has problems loading. Make sure all the functions on your site work, specifically related to finding products on your site and the shopping cart so that your customers can have a seamless transaction. Testing your sites speed and keeping track of response times before and through the Holidays is a good idea to ensure you are staying on top of things and won’t take a hit in sales due to slow performance.

Be mobile responsive

With an increasing number of people doing their online shopping on their phones, it’s important to make sure your website is mobile responsive. Making sure the user experience is as easy, quick and seamless as possible on a mobile device can increase your sales as the more options customers have to visit your website, the more likely they are to purchase from you.

Make sure your site is secure

Customers want to be assured that they can shop on our site without their data being compromised. Ensure you take the proper precautions to secure your site and add any encryption needed for extra security.

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