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Don’t Make Your Password ‘Password’

password (1)Do you require strong passwords for your customers to sign up/login? You might be surprised to hear than many of the leading UK commerce sites, including Wickes and Asda groceries, still allow users to input the most common passwords, including ‘password’ as well as other easily guessable passwords like ‘12345678’ or ‘abcd1234’. Some websites even allow users to have passwords that are less than 8 characters. Not all sites have gotten it wrong, Apple consistently seems to deliver with their password security, requiring long complex passwords.

Keep yours and your customers details safe by entering strong passwords that are at least 8 characters long and contain a mix of letters, numbers and symbols. Take it a step further and capitalise random letters as many passwords are case-sensitive. Having a complex password helps to keep hackers out of your account and website, keeping your customers personal details and payment information safe.

It’s always important to demand strong passwords, but in the run up to the January sales it’s especially important to not let your security fail at the first stop. With more users than ever purchasing online, it’s important to protect the security of your customers, but also your company from cyber attacks.


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