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Adding eBay Barcode Information Yourself

As eBay now requires product identifiers for a number of categories, it’s important that your listings have this information for them to be valid. We are going to tell you how you can enter this information yourself, and if it’s going to be a lot of work we can do it for you.

product identifier screen shot

Product Identifiers include UPC, GTIN, EAN, Brand, MPN and more, but are commonly referred to as Barcodes. You can add barcodes to your existing listings by using the drop down menu pictured below in eBays bulk listing and editing tool, however you will have to input the new values manually. Turbo lister is a useful desktop tool, but it won’t synchronise with any other software, so it is still time consuming on your part to use it.


Don’t worry if your item doesn’t exist in the database or have a barcode, you can use the ‘does not apply’ field and your search results won’t be affected. If you incorrectly use the ‘does not apply’ field and your item does have a barcode, this could effect your search visibility as potential buyers will have a harder time finding your item on eBay and search engines as items with barcodes entered will show up first.

You can see which of your listings need updating by going to ‘My eBay’, select all your active listings, select ‘edit’, use the filters and select ‘Required field’. This will display only your listings that need to be updated with barcodes. If you only have a few it’s easy enough to do it manually, but if you have a lot, especially if you are selling any products variants, it can take a long time to enter the information needed.

As adding barcodes can help boost search results, you can also choose to add them to categories that aren’t yet required. This is a good habit to have as eBay will be adding more required categories as time goes on. When creating new listings just click on ‘add your own item specifics’ and enter in UPC along with the correct number.

This can be a very time consuming process, so if you want us to help do it for you, contact us today.

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