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Twitter is Changing Tweet Rules

IMG_3651For anyone who uses twitter for personal or business use, you’ll be glad to hear there are some exciting new changes that will be made later this year to make the site more user-friendly.

Twitter has noticed that their user base isn’t really increasing, and it could be because users are finding the social media site too complicated to use.

The current set up confuses users when referencing someone in a tweet, as if you ‘@username’ at the beginning of your tweet, only followers who follow both you and the person referenced will see the tweet. People have gotten around this by putting a full stop or other character before the username (ex .@username) but this looks messy and isn’t always remembered. In the new rollout this will no longer be an issue, and everyone can see all of your tweets no matter how they are written. An extra added feature will also be that when you mention someone by username in your tweet, those characters won’t count, and you’ll still have 140 left to work with.

Another new change that will be beneficial for businesses/companies is Twitter will allow you to re-tweet and quote yourself on any of your old tweets. You can add in new commentary, or just re-tweet an old tweet to bring it to the forefront again. This is especially good if you want to add anything to something you’ve already tweeted, as people will see both the old tweet and your new commentary.

It’s great that Twitter are taking on board peoples problems and concerns, and turning the social media site into a more user-friendly experience. It can be a powerful tool to help grow your business and really connect with your customers.

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