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Creating a Memorable Strong Password


With websites requiring more secure passwords in order to best protect your information, people are struggling to come up with something that they will remember. Many people choose much to common and easy to remember passwords, often ones showing up on ‘most popular password’ lists such as consecutive numbers, or even containing the word password in. These easy to crack passwords leave you vulnerable to hackers who find it easy to guess what you’ve chosen.

The best passwords contain a mixture of numbers, letters, special characters and capitals. You can use normal words and swap numbers and special characters for the letters to help create strong memorable passwords.

For example ‘dogs name is Jill’ can be changed to d0g5Nam3IzJi!! with special characters, and you can still remember it better than a set of random letters and numbers. According to ‘How Secure Is My Password?’┬áit would take a computer 204 million years to crack that password.

There are different ways to come up with these seemingly random combinations:

Create sentences – As in the above example, create a sentence that will be easy for you to remember such as someones birthday, names, or hobbies. Then substitute the letters for numbers, special characters, or misspellings.

String together random words – Take a few words such as your favourite colour, sports teams, or what you see out the window, and swap the letters for numbers and special characters. For example ‘tree purple chair’ can become Tr33Purp!3Ch41r which would take 16 billion years to crack!


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