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The Big Benefits of Email Marketing

benefits of email marketing

Building up an email list and creating regular mail shots can really help boost your business sales and exposure. Some of the main benefits of this form of marketing include:

Saving Time & Money – For as little as a couple hours worth of work, even less if you have running templates that just need content written for them, you can reach a very large number of people. The bonus is that as you don’t have print costs you can also save money on promotional materials by including them in your mail shot. This also means you won’t have to spend hours telemarketing or stuffing envelopes. It’s free to set up an account on Mailchimp for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month, so you can start today while you build up your email contacts and then switch to a paid plan later on.

Personalised Messages – By entering your customers information into your mail campaigns, you can send quick and easy personalised messages. The added bonus is that everything is in real time, so you don’t have to spend weeks or months planning a campaign, getting everything printed and then mailed off. Have a spur of the moment offer that you want people to know about? Mail shots make it easy for you to communicate this quickly and effectively to your customers. You can also segment your lists by different types of customers, what they normally purchase, age groups, etc so that you are targeting the correct people at all times and tailor campaigns specifically to them.

More Communication – As crafting an email takes less time to create than traditional mailing methods, you can interact with your customers more often. You can send out weekly communications if you have a lot going on in your company that may interest people on your list, monthly, or as and when offers. The choice is entirely up to you how often you send them out whether it’s on a regular basis or sending out a sporadic email if you wish, as it can be done quickly with little effort.

Real Time Results – You can easily track which campaings/mailings are working, and how many people are clicking over to your site from them. Our clients Plantagogo started compiling emails from their customers, even holding a competition to gather emails from people interested in their business and have seen the results almost instantly with an increase in their online sales. They can track purchases to specific mail shots to see what most interests their customers, and by sending out weekly newsletters they stay in the forefront of their purchasers minds.

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