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Where You are Going Wrong with Email Marketing


So you’ve compiled a list of customer or potential customer email addresses and want to create an email marketing campaign. How do you make sure it’s successful?

If you want to get the maximum benefit from your email marketing campaigns, it’s important to keep these tips in mind:

Timing – Ensure you aren’t sending Christmas offers after Christmas has been and gone, or when it’s too late for people to take them up. Send relevant information/products for the season. It’s also a good idea to implement a regularly mailing, whether once or twice a month to ensure your customers know you are still operating and to fill them in on any offers you may be having.

Consent – Make sure the emails you are gathering for your campaigns are from people who want to hear from you. Collected from competitions, signups on your website, or previous orders, make sure everyone giving you their email address consents to being sent mail shots from you in the future. While no one likes people to unsubscribe from their newsletters, make sure there are clear unsubscribe instructions so as not to get marked as spam from people who don’t wish to receive your mailings. Getting marked as spam too often will make it harder for people on your list to get your mailings directly to their inbox.

Formatting and Content – A poorly formatted mail shot or alternatively a lengthy hard to read one will often go unread and straight into the bin. Take the time to format your mail shots with templates provided by providers or you can get custom ones made. Keep your message clear and concise and as near the top as possible, as often times customers will only read the first sentence or two to decide whether it’s worth reading the rest. Don’t convey your important message in graphics as sometimes these won’t show up, and you don’t want your message to be lost.

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