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Avoid Disaster – Don’t Lose Your Important Business Files

People use their┬ácomputers for a number of tasks and store a great deal of information on them, most of which is important for the smooth running of businesses. Yet many people still don’t have a regularly scheduled backup set up for the important files on their computer.

We recently helped a client whose PC had been infected with malware that damaged a number of their files. The files were very valuable and damaged beyond repair. They consisted of accounts information and a number of formulas they used to prepare the products they sold.

This could have been a disaster, but fortunately they had used a backup system we had installed for them after a tape system they had previously used had let them down in the past.

Our online backup system meant we could restore their files from offsite servers in just a couple of hours, and they only lost a mornings work instead of months of work.

Don’t lose all your hard work. Let us help keep your files safe with regularly scheduled PC backups. Contact us today for a quote and a solution that is right for you.

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Second time around it saved our business

Thanks eCommweb, we installed it too late to help the first time we lost our data, but if we hadn't had the backups the second time we were hit it would have cost us the business

Good Advice

I realised too late how important this was, but ecommweb have helped recover my files and made sure I don't lose them again

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