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Get Free Fantastic Website Content from Your Customers

Do you answer the same questions over and over again about products on your website? Do you sometimes miss emails from customers wanting to ask a question about products on your website? We have a way to put all your customer questions into one place, which would translate into saving you time and effort and adds fantastic content to your website every day.

To see an example of the kinds of user generated content you might get, have a look at one of our client’s website and the way they answer questions including links to products.

Q-channel is software we’ve developed to help easily compile and answer your customers questions in one place, while also creating valuable content for your website. If someone is asking you a question on your website about your products or services, chances are other people are typing the same sort of phrases into Google looking for similar information. Q-channel helps compile a handy guide for current and new customers, whilst also helping your website show up more frequently in search results.

How it works is we will set up an inviting section on your website in a few key spots to enable customers to ask questions. These could pertain to products, delivery information, advice, etc. All the questions will then be loaded into Q-channel so you can answer them in one convenient place one after another. You can then choose to either only respond directly to each person, or if you feel other people may benefit from the questions being asked, choose to add them to your website.

You can change the wording of the questions or expand upon them to help give people who visit your website a better understanding of products and other valuable information. You can also include links to relevant products so people can easily find them. All of the questions you select are then put into an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on your website that potential and existing customers can refer to.

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