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Make more money trading on eBay than ever before!

It’s easy to make massively more sales on eBay and achieve better prices; you simply need to do what the most successful eBay traders do! eBay success relies heavily on trust, so it’s vitally important that your eBay store looks professional. This will enhance your eBay profile and make it easier for you to sell your products quickly and for great prices too. First impressions are vital, and that’s why your eBay store needs to inspire trust and confidence. The results are stunning; see below

ebay shop set up

Here at eCommWeb eBay design, we successfully provide eBay shop design services for businesses throughout the UK. Our clients range from large well-known companies, to individual eBay traders who just want to start making some real money with their shop!

We will:

  • Build you a professional customised storefront that will make you stand out from the competition. We specialise in eBay web design.
  • Add extra pages to your eBay shop design that will help to create extra traffic.
  • Maximise your impact by optimising your meta tags in the categories and other pages.
  • Improve your cross linking and upselling.
  • Create an eBay store design listing template that helps drive traffic to your eBay store listings from the more expensive auction listings.
  • Provide you with easy to use tools for creating datafeeds to Froogle, and other price comparison sites.
  • Make a matching and complimentary off-eBay and easy to use website with incredible levels of functionality.

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Many large businesses such as Dixons and Dell Computers sell much of their stock through eBay for the following reasons:

  • By using us as your eBay web designers you can create a lot of extra traffic both to your shop and any online stores you might own.
  • It is an easy and efficient way to sell for many businesses.
  • You can create contacts with both international companies and customers.
  • Once you have made someone a customer on your eBay store it gives you a strong basis for creating a relationship outside eBay.
  • You can use eBay shop designs to build a busy website outside eBay.
  • It provides easy ways for you to look at simple breakdowns of your sales, stock, items awaiting postage, enquiries and feedback.
  • eBay is now more popular than ever, and globally as well as nationally one the most successful ways to sell and advertise.
  • You can maximise sales without having to hire a full-time member of staff

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Case Study 1:

A national parts distributors, asked us, eCommWeb to customise their eBay store, Tru-surplus for them. They use Tru-surplus to sell their overstock and end of line material and although it is a small branch of the actual company its capacity is huge, so it was important for them to get optimum results in the minimum amount of time.

This particular eBay customisation was done in many ways that affected every aspect of their eBay store. Not only did we undertake a standard store front customisation and create a listing template for them but we also created automated tools that helped them list their items easily and consistently.
We achieved this by using spreadsheets that were automatically generated from their database and we made a customised online application that imported data, applied a template and also listed all of their items in not only the correct eBay category but also the correct store category.
The net result of this eBay store customisation is that literally thousands of listings were easily created in minutes with high density key word content, increasing search engine optimisation and they now have had an enhanced sales volume and all in a very short period of time.
You too can achieve this with your very own eBay store customisation why not give Callam or Gary a call today and we will see how we can help your store.

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Case Study 2:

A medium sized clothes retailer in a nearby town had decided to withdraw from the high street altogether due to spiralling rent and rates, and falling footfall in their part of the town. We built them a website with a matching eBay shop design, built traffic to both and they have now closed the high street store and trade from much cheaper premises on an industrial estate with less staff.

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Case Study 3:

Most likely you found this page by typing in “eBay web design”, “eBay web designers”, “eBay store design” or similar. We can drive traffic to our own site and we can do it for you as well.