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eCommweb Snapshot

What is eCommweb Snapshot?

Ecommweb snapshot is our weekly advanced report that summarizes the traffic to your website and automatically keeps track of your website visitor behaviour. While giving you a choice of useful tips, to help grow and improve your business.

What features does eCommweb Snapshot Offer ?

  • Visitors per day- In a simple graph form to make the statistics instantly apparent.
  • Landing Pages – The most popular pages that visitors to your site, arrive on.
  • Key Words – The words or phrases most often used in search engines, in which your site appears in the results, near the top.
  • Referrers – This is a list of the sites your visitors were at just before they arrived to your site.
  • A choice of reliable and relevant Marketing or Search Engine Optimisation tips and news to help you increase profits.
  • Or if you don’t require either you can simply choose a plain Snapshot with just your website statistics.
  • Customized settings so you can choose the relevant information that you require.
  • Last but not least, eCommweb Snapshot is 100% free to all of our clients.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply contact us using the details on our contact page here.