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Hi there

Just a short note to let you know about our email signature service. Email signatures area  great way to keep putting your message infront of people without any effort.


What could be simpler than adding a bit of branding to your emails.


We have aded our contact details, a small logo and our strapline to our signature. Occasionally we change the logo when we have a new promotion or message we want to communicate.


We also add a special link to the logo and the web address, that allows us to track how many clicks we get from it.


We also combine it with a covering message. In our case we always quote VAT not included, and thats OK for  most of our custoimers but occasionally it catches someone out. So we added a small message to the foot of all our emails to prevent misunderstandings.


A email signature can usually be turned around in one day, and we even install it for you all for £99


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