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FTP lock tutorial

Since February the 15th 2010 we have implemented a FTP lock as a new security measure.

This measure prevents the use of FTP. This tutorial is for those of our customers who wish to use FTP to edit their website.

  1. Log into your website’s control panel.
    Go to will be prompet to enter your domain name (your website address), your password, and a spam check.
    These log in details are usually the same as your FTP details. If you do not have these, please request them by emailing tech support into your website's control panel.
  2. To the right hand side you should see the FTP lock control panel.FTP lock control panel
  3. You may unlock FTP using one of 2 basic methods and 1 advanced method.BASIC
    a. You can unlock FTP for a certain amount of time.Simply tick the box corresponding to the amount of time you wish to use FTP for and press the ‘Unlock by Time’ button.

    unlock FTP for a certain amount of time

    unlock FTP for a certain amount of time

    The FTP lock control should now look like the image above.

    b. You can unlock FTP for one IP address. This is is for people who only use one computer at a time to work on their website.

    To unlock by IP address, fill in the textbox with the IP address and press ‘Unlock by IP’.

     unlock FTP for one IP address

    unlock FTP for one IP address

    The FTP lock control should now look like the image above.

    The IP address of the computer you are currently using will automatically be filled into the IP textbox.

    If you are using a different computer to work on the website you will need to get the IP address of that computer and enter it here.

    To find out the IP address of a computer, simply go to Please make sure that you go to this website using the computer that you want to know the IP address of.

    NOTE: Your IP address may sometimes be changed by your ISP (internet service provider).
    NOTE: Your IP address may also change every time you restart your modem.


    You may have additional FTP accounts on your account. The basic methods described above can be applied to several FTP accounts on the same domain. Each FTP account can be set up differently.

    For example, the main FTP account can be set up to allow access for an IP address while a second FTP account setup to allow access for a different IP address, or for a limited period of time.

    FTP details

    FTP details

    If you do have additional FTP accounts your control panel will have an ftp users link inside the FTP details area, as in the image above.

    Click on the blue underlined link, to the right of ‘FTP Users’ to go to the FTP account management page.

    Add new FTP account
    To make a new FTP account, fill in the username textbox and click ‘Create’.

    If you are familiar with the folders inside your website, you can assign this FTP account to a specific directory by changing the ‘Subdirectory’ textbox. Any subfolders of the folder you specify will be assigned to this FTP user as well.

    Modify an FTP account
    The last thing to do is the FTP lock, which works exactly as described above in the basic tutorial. Any changes made to this additional FTP account will not affect the main FTP account, or any other additional FTP accounts.