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What is hosting? eCommWeb Hosting, Brochure website hosting, eCommerce website hosting

Broadly speaking, when we say hosting, we mean the place where the files of your website, the websites database and it’s email are kept.

Can we host your website?

We offer hosting packages for all types of websites. No content of a sexual nature please.

Who hosts their sites with you?

We host hundreds of small to medium brochure sites for all sectors of business. We also host very basic email only sites, website forwarding domains and domains with just 1 page.

We host hundreds of eCommerce websites for small to medium companies and sole traders. We also host comprehensive eCommerce websites with thousands of products and pages for large limited companies.

How much does your website hosting cost?

We understand that websites are unique, so while your quote may be different, most websites fall into these two categories:
Brochure hosting РFrom £95 a year
eCommerce hosting РFrom £145 a year

What if I have a problem with my hosting?

We aim to be as reliable as possible, with friendly support staff. If you have any issues, or just want to ask us a question please see our support page or use our contact form.

How do I move my website to your hosting?

Read about our website transfer service.

What if I don’t have a website?

If you don’t have a website yet, please have a look at our website products in store now.
Brochure websites
eCommerce websites