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Making the most of eBay

eBay SEO

Mostly the SEO takes the form of advice, as typically you will want to place the actual listings yourself, and it’s in the listings and also in the keywords for your eBay shop categories that action is required.

We can advise you on:ebay-logo-as

  • What to include in your listings
  • How to edit your shop categories
  • Improvements to the look of your eBay store and listings
  • Making the most of existing sales

The cost of this report is just £45

Competitor Analysis

If you are not selling as much as you think you should be, then our eBay competitor analysis may be what you need.

The report includes this vital information on the main category you sell your products in:

  • the most successful eBay seller
  • the best selling product
  • the tactics used by the biggest seller including
    • listing type
    • listing duration
    • additional features used (bold, featured, etc)
    • average price
    • success rate
    • starting days
    • starting times

Additionally we provide analysis of the statistics above

The cost of this report is just £95

Creating Listings

If you have information for your listings contained in a website, spreadsheet or database, then maybe you are looking for a way to transfer the information in one go into eBay listings. We can do this for you. This is costed on an individual basis.