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Poodlebleed is a security vulnerability, which you need to know about.

It allows secure information to be decrypted.

To make sure your connection is secure, as website visitor we recommend:

  • Check to see if SSL 3.0 is disabled on your browser (for example, in Internet Explorer it is under Internet Options, Advanced Settings).
  • Avoid MITM attacks by making sure “HTTPS” is always on the websites you visit.
  • Monitor any notices from the vendors you use regarding recommendations to update software or passwords.
  • Avoid potential phishing emails from attackers asking you to update your password – to avoid going to an impersonated website, stick with the official site domain.
  • Run Windows Update.  An Windows update was released on Tuesday the 11th November 2014 to patch this issue on your operating system.

Click here to learn how to use windows update

Click here to test if your browser is vulnerable