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ShopeComm FAQs

Q. Has my purchase been made with ShopeComm (or eCommWeb Limited)? *

A. No, all our ShopeComm eCommerce websites are owned by eCommweb Limited, but these websites are used by our individual sellers to sell their products to you. We charge them a type of rent for the website.

Q. Who has recieved my money?

A. All the payments go directly to the individual sellers.

Q. if I have a problem with a seller, what can I do next?

A. You should tell us about it. We monitor the satisfaction rates of our sellers, and will encourage them to deal with complaints as swiftly and as fairly as possible

* The exception is This is a sample website run completely by eCommWeb Limited to demonstrate how the ShopeComm eCommerce websites work. All the products are real and actually for sale and any questions should directly to us.