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Switching to Google Apps: Gmail

This guide is for our customers who we are setting up Google Apps for, specifically Google Mail.

Whats the difference?

Your email account is hosted on googles servers, rather than the same place your website is hosted.

Your email account will still appear the same. e.g. will still be after the change.

When you send an email there won’t be any mention that you are using googlemail.

You can still use your signature and folders to organise emails. Here is a full comparison of features between Gmail and outlook:

Your specific account details will be sent to you. You will need these to use the instructions below.

Options For accessing your Email

There are lots of different ways you can access your email with Google mail. Here are the most common ways.

On Your browser
The easiest way is to simply to open your Internet Browser and go to

In the top right of the screen is a button that says signin Just click that and enter your full email address and password.

This is the method we recommend.

On your desktop (with your existing email program)
Gmail will work with most desktop applications including outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail as well as Apple Mail and most modern mobile phones.

We recommend using IMAP rather than POP3 for the desktop and mobile phone email options.

Windows Live Mail
This is the version you will have if your operating system is Windows 7 or 8.

Outlook 2007

Outlook 2002 & 2003

Apple Mail 5
This is the latest version, which you will have if your operating system is mountain lion.
The setup for this is quite automatic, see this video:

On Your Phone
There is an app pre-installed on most modern phones.
See specific instructions for your phone below.




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