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Tiaras for Bulldogs

This is a test page to show what kind of things you need to do to optimise your pages for search engines. The keyword phrase for this page is “Tiaras for Bulldogs”.

I have made sure that the first heading on the page includes the phrase and now I’m making sure it appears in the content a couple of times. Crowns are a bit like Tiaras, so I might mention them as well like this,

Crowns for Bulldogs are an essential fashion items for any self-respecting Bulldog

and Bulldogs are sometimes called British Bulldogs, so I might also say

We sell the ideal Tiaras to fit British Bulldogs of all shapes and sizes.

As long as I include my main keyword phrase at least once, I can talk around the subject elsewhere in the page, paraphrasing and using synonyms.

Tiaras for Bulldogs

Tiaras for Bulldogs

Also helps to include a picture, preferably one with a caption, alt tag and title tag with the keyword phrase in as well. Don’t worry if you are not technical enough to manage that, just make sure the phrase appears very close to the image

Lastly I’m linking to the The Bulldog Breed Council, and Ivory and Co Tiaras because they have good websites, that seem popular and well constructed, and these outgoing links will encourage the search engines that I am contributing to the discussion about bulldogs and tiaras.

Proof is in the pudding. Try searching for this phrase on Google. “Tiaras for Bulldogs” and see where we come.